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Mr. Medina is Teaching Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde


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In Mr. Medina’s senior English class, the students are reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. The story is about a man, Dr. Jekyl, who has two personalities and sometimes changes form. Jekyl turns into an angry and mean man, named Mr. Hyde. Jekyl and Hyde go back and forth on who takes over the body, until the end of the book when Hyde takes over as the more dominant being. Mr. Utterson, a lawyer, decides to investigate the strange case. He goes into the case with no facts at all and does a very well job at figuring out important stuff. The book is very good and tells a story about being two different people in the same form. It is a good read and Mr. Medina is doing a very good job at teaching it.

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Matt Kulovic, Staff Writer

Matt Kulovic lives in the small town of Bridgeview, Illinois. He attended grade school at St. Cletus School in LaGrange, Illinois. He was on the basketball and football teams. He is now a senior at Mount Carmel. He plays volleyball and is a student trainer for the football team. Kulovic played football his freshman and sophomore years, but was forced to stop due to three concussions. He loves going to Mount Carmel because he loves being a part of the brotherhood. After he graduates from Mount Carmel, Matt plans to attend Illinois State University, where he hopes to study athletic training. Kulovic wants to become an athletic trainer at a high school or university.

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Mr. Medina is Teaching Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde