Seniors look to future


Cobb Hall, at the University of Chicago, represents the ideal future many seniors seek. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons via Creative Commons license.)

As we come to the end of the first-trimester, most seniors are applying to college and beginning to seriously ponder their future. A crucial step in that process is taking the ACT exam, which after being canceled last spring, was administered to Mount Carmel seniors on October 6.

Another important step is completing the Common App, which provides the opportunity to apply to multiple schools through a single process.

Seniors Dovydas Zukauskas, Blayr Young, and  Andrew Robustelli, all have completed their Common Apps. Both Zukauskas and Young are applying for early action, Zukauskas to USC, Williams College and Amherst, and Blayr to the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Howard.

Due to COVID-19 most schools are not requiring standardized test scores. Many students who had previously registered for the ACT or SAT had most of their dates canceled during the summer. This is leading some students to forego the traditional exams or to withhold their scores.

Still, the majority are still attaching their scores to their common app. Just by sending his score, Juan Avila received an additional four thousand dollars from his tuition.

This fall, many schools have also made it easier to apply and to visit virtually by organizing online meetings and posting school tours on Youtube.

The students that were interviewed all said that they were a little nervous, but also are excited to move on and continue their education.