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Artem Massey '21

Artem Massey, Staff writer

Artem Massey is beginning his senior year and looking forward to attending college.

Massey was born in Paris, France, and grew up in Moscow, Russia. While living in Russia, Massey attended Lycée Fraçais de Moscou, (the French school in Moscow). During his time in Moscow, he learned a lot about Russian and French culture, which taught him to be open to new things and to always look for a deeper meaning in every culture. He is also interested in every person's opinion and their perspectives on the world.

Eventually, Massey moved to Chicago for junior high and high school. With this move, he experienced somewhat of a culture shock, and this only strengthened his curiosity about the world and how people differ depending on how and where they grew up.

Traveling has led him to see the many issues the world faces and given him a desire to help others and those in need.

Massey enjoys writing and reading and really loves to listen to audiobooks. He also adores history especially the ancient world. His intention is to attend a four-year institution like the University of Edinburgh, with an interest in philosophy, psychology and anthropology.

Massey has an older sister who is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. He also plays soccer and tennis and is the captain of the tennis team. He also really enjoys biking. Massey hopes to provide accurate and exciting stories to the Mount Carmel community. He hopes to leave behind a great legacy at Carmel.


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Artem Massey