COVID-19 brings changes to normal patterns


Mount Carmel High school

Students gather as a school but remain six feet apart. Together but apart.

A lot changed for schools between 2020 and 2021. COVID-19 affected many routines and practices that previously were familiar.

For example, in recent years Mount Carmel students have been accustomed to a rotating schedule: Mondays began with Period A; Tuesdays began with Period B and ended with A, and so on through the week. This year, in order to better track students’ locations throughout he day, the school reverted to a more common daily schedule that proceeds consecutively from Period 1 through Period 8 every day of the week.

Other changes this year included the requirements to social distance, which resulted in the need to set up extra lunchroom spaces.   In addition to using the Student Commons, some students now eat in the old Student Center or the Cacciatore Gym.

As this unusual year draws to a close, wanted to capture some of the COVID-19 scenes at Mount Carmel.

For most of the year, when Mount Carmel students entered the building they were given temperature checks and hand sanitizer. Now that COVID-19 rules have become more relaxed, students only receive hand sanitizer when they walk in.(Andrew Robustelli)
The Alumni Gym is where the wrestling team would typically practice. It also the venue for Spirit Week events and the annual Fight Night. Now it is also a classroom for Mr. Daniel Burke and Brother Ryan-Joseph Resurreccion. This allows for more social distancing between students and teachers.      (Andrew Robustelli)
The Cacciatore Gym is now one of three lunch rooms.  Everyone used to eat lunch in the Student Commons, but this year everyone is spread out. (Andrew Robustelli)
The Student Center, where the band normally practices, is not only one of the three lunch rooms but is also Mr. Nolan’s classroom for his World History class. (Andrew Robustelli)