A look back on the impact that Mount Carmel has had on me.


Artem Massey. Taken by Kahlil Beth.

Mount Carmel High School was the only place I applied.  You might ask me why, or what if you do not get in, then what? Well, first of all, I applied to Carmel because it was only a seven-minute bike and a fifteen-minute bus ride away.

Secondly, it was a good financial option because I had received the Barda Leadership Scholarship. Thirdly, when I shadowed, the day went by in a blur, and I remember I laughed an innumerable number of times.

Looking back, I’m glad I chose Carmel. It really did make me into a young man, in the sense of my maturity and physicality.  I made so many friends, that I will keep in touch with my whole life.

Our school is very diverse; thus I learned so much about the different traditions and customs of students and their families. It really helped me have a wide range of friends from all backgrounds.

I really enjoyed being part of the soccer and tennis teams. It taught me how to collaborate and be confident.

Carmel has been an amazing experience. I can not wait to go on to a university to learn more and make new friends!

Thank you Mount Carmel High School, especially the students and staff for helping me along my journey.