Assessing the value of class rings


Mount Carmel class ring.

On October 20 and 21, while many juniors were eager to order their class rings, others were questioning the value and cost of this traditional symbol.

Every year, juniors have the option to purchase their own class ring for a price anywhere between $300 and $800. The rings come in a variety of different materials, sizes and designs.

While some think the ring just looks like an expensive accessory, to others it symbolizes much more than that. With the purchase of the ring comes a rich 120 years of education and teaching in the Carmelite tradition, and it serves as a constant reminder of what going to Mount Carmel really means.

For example, junior Daniel Frausto felt almost obligated to purchase the ring because he has had such a great experience so far, and he would never want to forget what being a part of the Carmel community did for him.

“I wanted to buy the ring because it serves as so much more than an accessory for me. It holds so many great memories and experiences.”

Another junior, who preferred to be anonymous, sees additional reason for the purchase beyond the rings’ sentimental value.

“For me, the rings  serve as motivation and a reminder for what going to this school means.”

On the other hand, a lot of juniors actually decided to pass on the purchase of the class rings, they did acknowledge the sentimental value, they simply do not think it is worth the money because they can remember what Mount Carmel did for them without it.

Whether they bought the rings or not, all the juniors interviewed were grateful that the school provide the option for those who might wan to make the purchase.





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