Walkathon returns


MC students set off for the lakefront at the start of last year’s Walkathon.

On Friday, April 30, Mount Carmel will hold its forty-second annual walkathon.

While other fundraising campaigns support things like sports, the walkathon helps with tuition, school clubs and out of school activities, helps pay general expenses and helps pay salaries.

Students are required to raise a minimum of $150, but are urged, and more than welcome, to raise more. The goal of the event is to raise as much money as you can, to do your part in lowering the cost of tuition for everyone.

Students who have met the fundraising threshold will have chances to win gifts, money and school perks leading up to the walk. Raising funds early ensures the highest chance of being part of the winning. For example, every week there is a giveaway and much you have raised, determines the likelihood of getting picked to win the prize.

Previously, one student from every Studium (advisory) would get the chance to run the nine miles and potentially win a prize depending on how fast they ran. But this year, Studium has been canceled, so students’ first period class will act as their “Studium.” If students will be able to run is still to be determined.


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