CaraMAN club to teach essential life skills


Charles Pineda

Principal Scott Tabernacki encourages all students to join the CaraMAN club in order to learn important life skills

Often times, students’ criticism of education is that kids are not being taught valuable and important skills that prepare them for the future. As a counter to that criticism, Mount Carmel has inaugurated the CaraMAN club led by Principal Scott Tabernacki.

The  purpose of the club is to teach essential life skills to students at Mount Carmel. Specifically, the club will focus on topics such as money management, changing a flat tire, cooking a basic meal, tying a tie and other important skills.

The club is open to all students who are interested in learning practical skills and applying their talents beyond the classroom and athletics.

Other members of the faculty and staff will teach alongside Mr. Tabernacki in the class. For example, Mr. Segroves will lead a mini lesson on how to properly invest in Bitcoin or Mr. Peltzer can lead a discussion about why it’s bad to put tin foil in the microwave.

Tabernacki feels this club is important because such essential skills are “crucial in developing successful men beyond the routine academics.”

Ultimately, the goal is for the club to eventually turn into a class that focuses on these concepts for an entire year.

For now, participation is optional and members are trying to work around the many sports and clubs already in season. If anyone is interested, they should contact Mr. Tabernacki as soon as possible.