If you thought 2020 was crazy… 2021 will be better

Welcome to 2021


Credit Wikimedia Commons

The year 2020 was filled with a lot of crazy events. A pandemic, wildfires, murder hornets, civil unrest, elections and much more. It was a year that many of us will not forget. It is a year that will be in the history books for all eternity. The year 2021 is finally here and we are eager to see what is going to happen.

This year is going to be filled with many events:  President-elect Joseph Biden’s Inauguration, the Super Bowl, Expo 2020 and much more. Questions abound about the vaccine rollout, retail business, travel, online sales, the economy and how Mount Carmel will continue to evolve .

One week into 2021 and there has already been a massive protest in Washington D.C where protesters were able to make it into the legislative chambers of Congress.

On the positive note, the economy is already taking off again.  Online sales have gone up over 40% in 2020 according to Business Insider, and they are expected to stay that way in 2021.

Biden’s Inauguration will be held at the Capitol Building on January 20, 2021, and instead of having massive crowds there, it will be streamed virtually as a safety precaution. The COVID-19 vaccine is already being rolled out in huge numbers. Thousands of people has already have received the dose – including many healthcare workers, first responders and nursing home employees. Still the daunting task of getting vaccines into people’s arms is lagging behind the promised pace.

Once the majority of the country is vaccinated, then we can have herd immunity, which allows people to enter a store without a mask and social distancing. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, life is expected to be back to normal by the spring of 2021, if everything goes according to plan. However, he also stated that after everyone gets the vaccine, we will still need to social distance and wear masks until others get their vaccines.

Many events were cancelled in 2020, and ’21 is likely to continue that trend.  Expo 2020 was supposed to be held in Dubai, but was cancelled due to the pandemic. It is rescheduled for 2021, but it will be very different this time around.

Lastly, air travel was dramatically impacted by COVID-19. Air travel is expected to get back on track in 2021 and resume service across the world. Proof of vaccination will be the new key to the world in 2021 according to American Airlines.