Beware of speed cameras



Increased fines generated by speed trap cameras may be a deterrent, but could do more harm than good. (Photo credit: Kecko via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License)

Mount Carmel drivers are going to have to be extra careful driving home now that the city’s speed cameras will be ticketing for driving 6-10 miles over the limit. The fine is $35 for 6-10 over, and $100 for 11+ miles over the limit. 

The mayor’s office claims the adjustment is in response to an increased number of car accidents over the past year. Last year saw a 45% increase in traffic related deaths and the city sees this as a deterrence.   However, according to Illinois, the revenue projections estimate that the city will bring in $95.5 million  for the city as a result of the increase.

Many motorists like senior Beacom Callahan see this as an  unnecessary way to nickel and dime citizens.  Callahan drives to school everyday.

“I think this is a bad move. I think the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois are using this as an excuse to take more money from their citizens.”

It seems Callahan’s sentiment about the cameras is shared by others at school. However, proponents argue that the increased fines will make people pay attention to their driving. If it takes a speeding ticket to make people pay attention, then so be it.

A main argument against the increase is that it is going to more deeply affect low income neighborhoods, especially in the middle of a period of economic strife for many. Many are just trying to pay off their bills, and such a strict ticketing system could do more bad than good when it comes to the city’s economic situation.

Still, there is an argument that the opportunity to save lives  and address the city’s budget shortfall justify the move.  Regardless of anyone’s opinion, we have to deal with this new reality and be informed about it.

So to all the MC students using Lake Shore Drive as a speedway (myself included):  slow down, or else you’re going to raking up speed tickets like there is no tomorrow.


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