Intramural sports are coming back


Blayr Young

In a photo from last year’s (pre-COVID-19) intramural basketball tournament, then junior Colby Murray expresses frustration over a missed foul.

A big part of Mount Carmel’s culture is its competitive nature. One of the perennial aspects of competition is through Studium intramurals, but due to the limitations of COVID-19, Studium has temporarily been suspended. 

In an effort to bring back a sense of normalcy to the school, Mr. Brooks Nevrly, student council moderator, is exploring ways to implement intramurals outside of the school day.  He hopes to have a plan as soon as the end of September.

Nevrly feels that bringing back intramural sports is a big priority for the student council.  Traditional sports like floor hockey, dodgeball and soccer are under discussion, but Nevrly wants the council to be creative..

“I’m open to new ideas any students come up with.”

For example, Nevrly hopes to collaborate with Athletic Director Dan LaCount about developing an entire flag football league this fall.

It’s one thing to propose the idea for a new activity.  Setting it up is still a big obstacle for the student council.

A Mount Camel, any intramural sport must fit into the available facilities between practices for the interscholastic teams, and before the school closes for daily cleaning. In addition, this year participants must socially distance themselves. Despite the challenges, Nevrly encourages students to stay tuned for the upcoming return of intramural sports.

Mr. Brooks Nevrly caught strolling down the hallways wearing his fashionable COVID-19 mask (photo Blayr Young)