A cornucopia of gratitude


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License


An Informal survey (in no particular order) of things the Men of Carmel are grateful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. We are getting a good education
  2. We have food to eat
  3. The roofs over our heads
  4. The beautiful facilities at Mount Carmel
  5. Our football team is heading to the state championship game
  6. All of our teachers coaches and friends
  7. Our parents and families
  8. Our pets
  9.  Turkey – lots of turkey
  10. Good health
  11. Ryan Reynolds (???)
  12. tacos (when you get tired of turkey)
  13. Black Friday
  14. technology
  15. brotherhood
  16. sports
  17. Steve Jobs
  18. wooden bowties
  19. AMC theaters
  20. Mount Carmel

And with all that being said, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!