Segroves makes impact on admissions, basketball


Joe Williams-Tubay

Coach Phil Segroves and the starting-five huddle up before a matchup against King on 1/18/20.

Mr. Phil Segroves has had a long, impactful history at Mount Carmel.

He has worked at Mount Carmel in some capacity for 24 years, including full time in the Admissions Office for eight years, and currently serves as the Director of Student Recruitment.

In that role, Segroves has many responsibilities. He regularly travels to different grammar schools, building relations with the students and helping them make their decision to attend Mount Carmel. He also regularly attends grammar school Open House programs, and hosts students for Shadow Days.

Building the school’s enrollment is very important to Segroves, whose goal is to “get the student enrollment to 700 students.”

Although his role in admissions has been very valuable for Mount Carmel, Segroves also is well known for his contributions as a coach. Segroves’ relationship with Mount Carmel actually began when, in 1996, Brian Collins ’81, approached him and asked if he was interested in coaching basketball for the Caravan. Since 1996, Segroves has coached a variety of sports, including basketball (20 years), football (19 years), baseball (five years), and wrestling (one year).  Currently, Segroves is the head coach for the varsity basketball team.

Segroves’ goals each season begin with the Catholic League, “knowing that (whichever team wins the Catholic League) is a team that can compete deep in the playoffs.”

Currently, MC basketball is in a development stage, with a team dominated by juniors. After a tough start to the season, the team’s record is 7 – 12.  However, the team has won five out of its last six games and is gaining momentum as the season draws to a close.

Andre Bennett, a senior and starting guard for the varsity, expressed positive feelings about Segroves.

“Coach Segroves is an extremely trustworthy coach. Never once has he filled my head up with nonsense or told me what I wanted to hear as opposed to the truth. Although he is a serious man, [Segroves’] sense of humor and personality make it extremely comfortable and easy to play for him. His love for winning is a trait instilled in his players which is why his players give their all on the court every single game. Playing for him for three years has been a privilege that I will never take for granted.”

Segroves is also a proud father of four kids, all boys, and is expecting a fifth child in mid-February. When asked if they will attend Mount Carmel, Segroves laughed.

“There’s no choice.”