Tabernacki returns, embraces new challenge


Charles Pineda

Principal Scott Tabernacki encourages all students to join the CaraMAN club in order to learn important life skills

Mr. Scott Tabernacki is the new principal at Mount Carmel. He replaced former principal Mr. John Haggerty and started his position over the summer.

Tabernacki, who graduated from MC in 2002, recalls that he had a great experience as a student. “It was awesome; couldn’t ask for better. I made a lot of friends that I still talk with to this day.”

In addition to his own history at the school, Tabernacki continues a family legacy with Mount Carmel. Both his dad and uncle attended MC, and his mother, Mrs. Lydia Tabernacki, was a school counselor for many years.  As a result, coming back to his alma mater as principal means a lot.

“It’s been awesome to reconnect and (again) see the energy that makes Carmel special.”

Before returning, Tabernacki served four years as principal at St. John the Baptist Grammar School in Whiting Indiana. He noted that there is a huge difference between being principal of a grammar school and a high school.

“It’s a very different speed with a different age range.”

Even as he adjusts to the challenging aspects of his new position, Tabernacki is looking forward to this school year.

“I’m excited to see the great things the guys do here!”