Pickert’s new cookbook offers inspiration to adolescent chefs


Robert Pickert Jr. will be signing copies of his book at Tria Sorelle (701 W. 31st St., Chicago) on April 29 at 1 PM.

After months of planning, preparation, cooking, and writing, Mount Carmel’s newest author is on the verge of publication.

The Adolescent Chef, written by senior and chef Robert Pickert Jr., is a cookbook that features a variety of Mediterranean and European cuisine.  With over 30 recipes, Pickert’s book offers inspiration for any cook who “wants to try something new.”  Some of his favorites include almond biscotti, garlic broccolini, and chicken kabob.

Pickert began the project out of a sense that his youthful perspective could offer something new.  “What makes my book unique is that I have the ‘younger perspective’ on (traditional) cuisine.”

The idea for The Adolescent Chef came to Pickert last September.  “I was constantly asked about my recipes and how I do things, so I thought it would be best to show people through writing my own book.”

During the creative process, Pickert conducted several trial runs to make sure each of his recipes was exactly right.  Then, after roughly two months of testing, he began the actual process of writing the book, placing trademarks, and arranging dates for release.

Cooking has been a big part of Pickert’s life for over a decade.  Starting at the age of seven in culinary classes for children, he soon transitioned to adult classes at Kendall College when he was 12.  From there, he found employment as a server and line cook at Fabulous Freddy’s Italian Eatery in Bridgeport, and has held a job there ever since.

Pickert will be signing copies of The Adolescent Chef at Tria Sorelle (701 W. 31st Street, Chicago IL) on April 29th at 1 pm.  Those interested can purchase a copy of the book there, or can contact him ([email protected]) to preorder a copy.