Howard pursues a life-long dream


Francisco Avila

Both Head Baseball Coach Brian Hurry (left) and teammate Tony Livermore '20 (right) see a bright future in baseball for Ed Howard '20.


Ed Howard, ranked by Prep Baseball Report (PBR) as one of the top baseball prospects in the state, “has an elite athleticism,” according to his Mount Carmel coach, Brian Hurry.

When you combine that athleticism with how hard he works and his desire to be great, Hurry thinks he’s actually put himself in position to be “one of the best high school baseball players in the country.”

Mount Carmel’s senior shortstop is from Lynwood, Illinois. Howard said, “This is just a game I love. I’ve been playing this game since I was five so it’s (almost) like a lifestyle.”

Howard credits his parents for his early exposure to baseball. His dad played in high school, and his mom played softball in high school.

While his parents baseball background provided an early foundation, Howard has continued to grow both in his skills and understanding of the game.

As Coach Hurry stated, “There has been tremendous development with Ed.  I’ve seen it both mentally and physically. He’s a also a very mature kid and has really worked hard . . . he’s a focused, confident, determined kid.”

Now committed to the University of Oklahoma, Howard anticipates working with his future teammates and having access to Oklahoma’s training facilities. His main goal when he gets to Oklahoma is “to win.”

After college, Howard would love to play in the majors. If he had to choose one team, it would be the Chicago White Sox. As a Chicago native and life-long Sox fan, Howard “would love for my family and friends to be able to watch me play for the team that I grew up watching.”

While that may only be a dream today, at least one of his teammates, second baseman Tony Livermore, believes he has a chance to make it come true.

“I definitely believe that Ed can find himself a nice draft pick.”